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You’ve heard of women going through menopause, but did you know the same thing can happen to men? Referred to as “male menopause” or “andropause,” testosterone levels begin to drop after age 30, then dip significantly around age 40-55. This hormonal imbalance can leave men with unpleasant symptoms as well as cause very real health concerns.

Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, fatigue, depression, loss of muscle mass, weight gain (especially around the middle), anxiety, “brain fog” and more. This does not happen to all men, and even young men can experience low testosterone.

Importance of testosterone

As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone is responsible for the virility that makes you feel like a man. Without it, your voice would be higher, you would lose body hair, and you wouldn’t be able to build and maintain muscle mass or produce sperm.

Testosterone also plays a role in maintaining bone density, metabolism, red blood cells, cholesterol levels, and more. It affects your mood, energy levels and cognition. It is part of what makes you the man you are.

The good news is that healthy levels of testosterone can be restored with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. While pills, patches or creams might be prescribed by your doctor to treat low testosterone, the hormones used are synthetic and the delivery systems can cause your testosterone levels to fluctuate dramatically during the day.

With pellet therapy, a tiny implant is placed under your skin, delivering a steady, physiologic dose of testosterone throughout the day with no yo-yo effect. Additionally, the testosterone used in pellet therapy is biologically identical to that which is produced by your own body, meaning your body can’t tell the difference.

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