TeleMedicine at Tutera Medical

We recognize that a need has arisen, which enables us to expand our use of technology so we may assist our patients that require remote medical care that allows vulnerable patients to remain in the safety of their homes, yet provides them with access to the medical care they need and desire. 

Although the visit may be done via a simple telephone call – a video call will result in a more comprehensive visit. Once you schedule your TeleMedicine appointment, you will be sent a secure link to a video call with your selected provider.

Immune Support

In this session, Dr. Mel discusses nutritional changes, lifestyle alterations, herbs, supplements and home-based therapies that might help to enhance your immune function and reduce cytokine and viral activity. Dr. Mel creates a customized treatment plan based on your current health status, health concerns, and your body’s present state of immune function.

  • Dr. Mel Schottenstein has completed training in Integrative Oncology, Stem Cell Therapy, Integrative Autoimmune Therapy, Swiss Biological Medicine and Peptide Therapy, both in the U.S. and throughout Europe. Dr. Mel has an extensive background in immunotherapy. In this TeleMedicine appointment, Dr. Mel will review your existing health conditions and develop an immuno-supportive program customized to your individual needs. Dr. Mel will provide dietary, nutritional, and botanical recommendations. In addition, she will evaluate your history and current medical status to provide immune modulating peptide therapy and IV therapy.

Emotional & Stress Support :

  • Dr Thacker will discuss various natural ways that can address your concerns in regard to feeling any additional stress at this time.
    Faced with daily uncertainties, many of us are searching for ways to reduce our stress, anxiety, and sleeping disorders.

Peptide Therapy:

  • Peptide therapy can be used for a vast array of concerns including — but not limited to — fatigue, aesthetics, GI ulceration, wound healing, and immune support. In this appointment, we will discuss your current concerns and determine which peptide best fits your needs.

Creams and Troches:

  • Are you concerned about being unable to visit one of our clinics for your pellet appointment? No problem. Via TeleMedicine, we can discuss temporary options for maintaining your hormone levels until you can receive your customary treatment.
  • Do you currently use creams or troches for hormone therapy? We can schedule your regular appointment via TeleMedicine. You will receive the same outstanding treatment and service that we provide in our clinics.

Wellness Visit:

Based on her extensive medical training and experience, Dr. Mel has discovered that optimal health is directly tied to balancing hormone health, eliminating environmental toxicities/exposures, supporting immune health, repairing GI Health, and analyzing nutritional status. Until these areas are examined and repaired, the body will continue in a state of degeneration. In this TeleMedicine appointment, Dr. Mel will evaluate your current health concerns and exposures and develop a personalized plan for health optimization in you, a highly individualized person. In doing so, Dr. Mel will give you specific dietary recommendations, supplementation or herbal suggestions, or other therapies that may be readily implemented in the comfort of your home.

For more information about the impact of environmental exposures on current health concerns — specifically hormone health, please click here:

Wahl’s Protocol — Autoimmune Therapy:

Trained by Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Mel is the only physician certified as a Wahls Health Professional in Arizona. In this particular appointment, Dr. Mel will work with you to create a customized holistic program for individuals with autoimmune concerns. This will include dietary, nutritional/botanical, exercise, and detox recommendations.

For more information, please click here

Thyroid and Adrenal Hormone Management:

  • Are you feeling fatigued despite having balanced sex hormones? Both Dr. Mel and Dr. Thacker are happy to meet with you via TeleMedicine to evaluate your current needs.

Natural Weight Loss Program:

  • Over the past several years of working with patients, Dr. Thacker has developed a program which can be completed at home. Via TeleMedicine, Dr. Thacker will meet with you for your initial consult and discuss her recommended plan.

Gut Health Program:

Dr Thacker wants to help her patients find the Root Cause of their Health problems by utilizing functional testing:

  • Gut Health- since 80% of our immunity resides in the Gut. She helps her patients by following her 4-R Gut healing protocol based on the test results
  • Food sensitivity can be a cause of many chronic diseases. By eliminating food sensitivities, patients have been able to lose weight and feel great again.
  • Micronutrient Status and optimize what nutrients your cells need. Very specific test that will help individualize what your body really needs to heal
  • Comprehensive genetic panel- based on which you can take pro-active steps to prevent disease. It covers different panel- including weight management panel, heart health panel, bone health panel, mood disorder panel
  • Manage Thyroid treatments based on her protocol which is mentioned in her Amazon best-selling book, Seven Steps to Heal your Thyroid.

If you are interested in learning more about the testing, please schedule a Telemedicine visit with Dr Thacker. She looks forward to helping you Feel Your Best Self.

Do you want to bolster your immune system? Try our new IV therapies!

Schedule a brief telemedicine appointment with Dr. Mel to discuss the best therapies for you. After the discussion Dr. Mel will order any necessary preliminary labs to ensure your safety with IVs.

We are pleased to introduce IV nutrient therapy with either Low or High Dose Vitamin C, Glutathione + NAC, ALA, and Hydrogen Peroxide, which can enhance your immune function.

IV Vitamin C:

Substantial research exists on the anti-viral and immune boosting benefits of high dose IV Vitamin C. Researchers have found vitamin C is important for the functioning of our immune system and is responsible for the function of over 15 essential physiological enzymes. Additionally, Vitamin C helps with collagen production, adrenal health, detox, neurotransmitter production, cholesterol metabolism and mitochondrial support. To enhance the function of IV Vitamin C, our IVs include minerals, B vitamins, amino acids and cofactors that help support mitochondrial function.

Glutathione and N Acetyl Cysteine:

Glutathione and N Acetyl Cysteine are power antioxidants found within our bodies. They can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation — which are common side effects of a viral infection. Due to the fact that both can repair cellular damage these substances are regularly used to help support individuals with chronic conditions including autoimmune disease, low immunity and cancer. We recommend this therapy as either a standalone therapy or to enhance your Vitamin C IV.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Alpha Lipoic Acid is another powerful antioxidant which enhances the effects of Vitamin C. This treatment can help lower elevated blood glucose, regenerate the liver, promote detox, and reduce inflammation. In fact, research has even shown evidence that ALA may help with nerve regeneration. It is also a power immunosupportive therapy.

For more information:

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