We warmly welcome you to the Tutera Medical office, a community of like-minded, people who have found a better quality of life, wellbeing, and more, who has been providing the SottoPelle® Therapy Method for over 25 years. Tutera Medical® has developed this self-assessment tool to provide our visitors the ability to have their symptoms reviewed and forwarded to our Tutera Medical Provider closest to you for evaluation and follow-up. If you would like to view all of the providers near you, please visit our Find a Doctor page.

Welcome to SottoPelle®, and to the world’s largest bio identical hormone therapy community. We have successfully received your completed “Hormone Replacement Needs Assessment” and your responses will be carefully reviewed by a Tutera Medical provider of your choice / nearest to you. SottoPelle® was the first to develop this type of web based assessment which has been touted as the most comprehensive tool of its kind. Since our Hormone Replacement Needs Assessment is still being provided at no cost—we ask that you take a moment to share this unique tool with someone you think may benefit from a better understanding of how natural hormone replacement therapy can help them live a better quality of life. I invite you to take a moment to connect, and stay current with us on Social Media, by clicking the links below. Please feel free to reach out to one of our providers with any questions you may have—by clicking here. All efforts will be made to help ensure your questions are answered in the timeliest manner possible. Healthy Regards,

CarolAnn Tutera Founder, CEO, Patient

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