Tutera Medical is happy to announce that we are offering the Wahl’s Protocol for autoimmune conditions.

After being restricted to a tilt/recline wheelchair, former athlete Dr. Terry Wahls realized that her current MS treatment plan was not working. Her disease was rapidly progressing while her quality of life was greatly diminishing. Dr. Wahls knew that she was on the path to becoming bedridden. Immersing herself in research, Dr. Wahls developed a holistic protocol for autoimmune conditions. She relinquished her wheelchair confinement and eliminated medications one year after strictly following her protocol; then she completed an 18-mile bicycle tour. Today Dr. Wahls is thriving due to her continual dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Mel Schottenstein studied directly under Dr. Terry Wahls and is the only physician certified as a Wahls Health Practitioner in Arizona. Appointments can be scheduled either via telemedicine or for an in-person appointment. In the initial visit, Dr. Mel will discuss a personalized holistic approach to your autoimmune condition, including diet, lifestyle, supplementation, detox and more. Having chronic health concerns since childhood, Dr. Mel understands, both personally and professionally, that a personalized protocol is essential. Through diligent lifestyle changes that included diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation, Dr. Mel eliminated all pharmaceutical agents, some that she’d taken for over 20 years, from her daily routine. Her experience with chronic illness is a valuable asset in helping her patients gain control of their health and wellness.

Please contact our staff at (480)874 – 1515 for questions and scheduling.