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Why do women come to us for pellet therapy? Most of our female patients come looking for relief for symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. They may have hot flashes, night sweats, feelings of anxiety or depression, loss of libido, or just feel fuzzy, tired and “off.” They may start gaining weight they can’t lose, experience hair loss, or get headaches. They want to feel like themselves again.

Menopause is defined as not having a period for 12 months, but the time leading up to it, perimenopause, usually begins in the late 30s or 40s. This is when hormone levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone begin to fluctuate and drop off. While you may still be having regular periods, some of the other symptoms mentioned above can begin to occur. These symptoms may be only bothersome to some women, but for others they can be very difficult to live with.

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Research indicates that, besides heart and artery protection, estrogen protects against cognitive decline during aging and perhaps even against Alzheimer’s disease. The most common reason as to why women are at higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s is their reduced estrogen production after Menopause. It’s likewise important to note that, on the reverse side, epidemiological research has linked hormone replacement with a decline in the risk of developing this serious disease.

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If you were diagnosed with an iron deficiency, you would take supplements to correct the problem. In the same way, hormone replacement therapy replenishes a vital resource that your body needs to function at its best. While pills, patches or creams of synthetic hormones may be prescribed by your doctor, the hormones in these products are different from the ones produced by your body, and the delivery method results in wide fluctuations in hormone levels throughout the day.

With bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy, the hormones we use are biologically identical to the ones produced by the human body. Your body metabolizes them in exactly the same way, and pellet implant delivers the right amount into the bloodstream as you need it, around the clock.

Our patients consistently tell us how much bioidentical hormone replacement has changed their lives, made them feel like themselves again and helped them get the most out of this stage of their lives.